BL4$7 (0MPU73R

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BL4$7 (0MPU73R

Post  Nikhlesh on Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:51 pm

hi...this is the most dangerous use of computer u cam immagne....

i m just telling you the u can blast your c.p.u...jst with single floppy...

1)gat a floppy open it in 2 parts carefuly

2)paste it`s matelic part with gum paste is hardly..

3)keep the phosphorous on the match tip in side the floppy..

4)close the floppy and close it carefully..

now the computer will blst if floppy is made to run in it`

reason of blast-due to glue on matalic part of body it wont rotate and the motar trying too rotate it will burn soo the phosphorous on match tipp will short circuit....this short cicuit will make the c.p.u. blast.....

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